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Reasons to Hire a Construction Consultant for Your Project

Why You Should Hire a Construction Consultant

A construction consultant can help your project run more smoothly. He/she can help you avoid or lessen the number of mistakes that could’ve cost you a lot.

It’s ideal to hire a construction consultant early in the planning stage of the project. The consultant can help you create a construction plan that works with your budget and manpower. To help quality control, the consultant can point out problems and offer solutions.

Through risk control and management, you will create a plan that assures safety for everyone working on the project. A consultant has a lot of experience with risk management and will know what you need to have in place/what to do to decrease safety risks.

Construction consultants are there to support you and help you with negotiations and problems with other contractors, clients, and vendors. They will give your support through the entire project and help you manage every little detail. The consultants will see the project through with you.

Consultants can also help you save money by negotiating costs with vendors. They will also help you stick to your budget and timelines. Contractors also know exactly what supplies/subcontractors are needed for the project and when.

If you’ve started a construction project, there may come a point in the process where you will decide you may need the help of a construction consultant. With any construction project, there are a lot of moving parts and a lot to think about.

If this is your first time managing a construction project or if you’re still new to it, the project and process may be overwhelming, which is understandable. When you hire a construction consultant, you are hiring a professional who is an expert in construction and the project process. A construction consultant can help you through any problems and decisions that pop up along the way.

At Hurd Construction Management, we don’t just build buildings, we use our construction expertise (75 plus years of construction and architectural experience) and offer comprehensive construction consulting services – defining a project’s beginning, identifying current construction bottlenecks, or monitoring an active construction rollout program are common areas our firm may help.

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Our project team has firsthand knowledge of the challenges that will be encountered and the solutions necessary for various project scopes, size, and types.

  • Construction consulting services that we offer include:
  • Schedule creation
  • Budget and cost estimating
  • Contract administration
  • Cost and change order management
  • Risk control and management
  • Root cause analysis

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